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Cheerleading is a dynamic, athletic team sport that intergrates Gymnastics, Dance and Acrobatics skills together.


Forget all that you know about Cheerleading.


American sideline cheerleading is what you may have seen but what we do at SDCA is not at all like that. We do not 'cheer' for a sport team, we ARE the team! We create athletic routines where students defy gravity, tumble and fly through the air.


Cheer builds confidence and promotes team work. If your child loves to flip and dance then cheer is the sport for you!


At SDCA we have two types of cheer classes;


Recreational (REC Cheer)

This is a class students attend once per week for fun and fitness. There are no competitions or events throughout the year for these classes, just our end of year showcase. (A great starting point to discover what cheer is all about)


Competition (All Star) Cheer

These squads train twice per week with the goal of competing at 3-4 local competitions throughout the year.

If you are dedicated and want to join a team that will challenge and motivate you then this is a great choice!


(Classes are available for 3-18yrs) 


If you would like to be a part of one of our award winning teams please contact us for more information.

If you are a gymnast who would like a challenge, a dancer who loves to tumble or a complete beginner we have a team for you. The great thing about cheer is that it's so inclusive. There really is a role for everyone in one of our squads!



*Team Placements Saturday 10th Dec 2018